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General Passenger Vehicle Logbook Servicing

Our skilled team of mechanics will service your vehicle to the manufacturer's specifications, ensuring continuity of all new vehicle warranties. We also have FREE Club Evolution roadside assistance for 6 months following your service.

Registration Inspections / Pink Slips / E-Safety Checks

Time to get your vehicle re-registered? We can perform all required testing and have you back on the road in no time or even car pre purchase inspection!

NRMA Certified Pre-Purchase Inspections

Thinking of buying a car? We can mitigate the risks of buying pre-owned vehicles by providing a report of pre-existing conditions.

Airconditioning Service

Too hot? Too cold? We can fully maintain your airconditioning system to make your driving experience comfortable in any season.

Fuel Injection Service

Lost power, idle problems, 'shaky' acceleration and other problems can be solved by our in-house Injection Correction.


Tail lights not working? Radio not turning on? Central locking remote not activating? Our automotive electrians can diagnose and repair your vehicle's electrical faults.

Delivery Service

Yes we offer a FREE delivery service to local areas.

Brake Caliper Reconditioning

We can remanufacture your brake calipers to OEM specifications. We carry a large range of exchange and new brake calipers for a whole range of make and models.

On-Car Disc Machining

Vibrating pedal or steering wheel? We have an in-house, on-car disc machine service.

Clutch Rebuilds

Can't get up hills? Funny smells when taking off? 'Soggy' clutch pedal? We can rebuild your vehicle's clutch assembly.

Power Brake Booster Reconditioning

Heavy brake pedal? We specialise in the remanufacture of vacuum brake boosters.

Brake Hose Manufacture

Standard passenger vehicle and custom applications. We can supply and fit stainless steel braided brake hoses do comply with Australian safety regulations.


We can resleeve brake / clutch master cylinders and wheel cylinders, when replacement units are unavailble or prohibitively expensive.

Disc Machining

Disc brake machining is available for all types of disc rotors - from a standard discs, to performance, including drilled and slotted.

Brake Bonding

Custom applications? We can look after vintage brake shoes, truck / motorbike brake shoes, etc.

Flywheel Grinding

Flywheel Grinding is available in-house, to make sure your new clutch plates wear evenly and provide you with the best performance.

Brake Pipes

We can make your brake pipes in any size you need and from different materials, such as stainless steel / steel / copper.

Brake Drum Machining

Brake Drum Machining is available for all types of trucks, motorbikes and passenger vehicles.

... and more. Just ask us!

Flywheel Grinding


Fuel Injection Servicing


Disc Machining

disc machining

Pre-Purchase Inspections

prepurchase inspection

On-Car Disc Machining

on car disc machining